I decided a while ago that I should start writing. Well, this moment has arrived…

On a summer trip with my family a couple of years ago, walking in a huge retail store, amazed by the product diversity and huge serving sizes of American stores, my eyes came across a little and cute yellow notebook. Being astonished by the endless possibilities that the blank pages offered, I saw my mind and thoughts getting lost in the mirrors of my imagination. I bought it and hid it from my family. Being my own little refuge, I started writing every thought I would have on this tiny paper mass. After a couple of months, this notebook turned out to be some sort of journal. Don’t get too excited, I barely used 50 pages of the notebook in the first 6 months. I would write about my high school drama, how and why I got hurt by certain people and most importantly about my feelings. It is just now that I realize the power of the words I got out of my spinning mind. Writing helped me externalized my thoughts, especially in emotionally difficult moments.

Today, I cannot find my “Mind Book” anymore. It probably got lost during the five move-outs I did during the past year. However, I would like to share my ideas, endeavors, and passions again.

Welcome to this new chapter of my writing adventure. Hope you enjoy it!

Hexatic mind. Sharing my ideas, thoughts and passions.